Growth Through Innovation: A Look Back At 2018

Innovation is at the core of what drives and inspires JDK Technologies. As such, 2018 was a big year for us. We established True Systems, a fundamentally innovative way to develop complex digital solutions for diverse environments.

With True Systems JDK reached new milestones of growth in 2018. Our clients saw a measurable impact our solutions had on key business metrics. Their satisfaction led to a spectacular year for our companies.

This year, we enjoyed 100% client loyalty, doubled the size of the company, had 25% growth in new business, and saw a 50% increase in revenue. We confidently attribute that growth to our innovative approach, True Systems.

JDK firmly believes that innovation is the pathway to disruption. And technology is the way to apply innovation and make it a sustainable strategy.

As we usher in 2019, we are charting new opportunities for innovation and looking forward to growing stronger with new and existing clients.

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