Month: April 2019

6 Ways The Internet of Things (IOT) Impacts Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world. It has already changed consumer lifestyles and buying habits.  While slower to happen, it is also changing the enterprise. Industries are using IoT technologies to improve operations, processes, products, services, and, of course, customer experiences.  But how? The power of IoT is its ability to turn physical objects […]

How Data Analytics Bolsters Business Intelligence

Recently we discussed Business Intelligence (BI), the technology-driven process of analyzing business information and making it actionable. BI can help business leaders make informed business decisions and drive the direction of the company. It provides a historical, current and predictive view of operations. But how is it able to create predictions? With data analytics. In this […]

Tips For Designing A Connected Commerce Strategy

In the age of digital living “connected life” has taken hold. Connected life is the evolution of digital access and utility transforming how users obtain information and engage with each other and businesses.  It adds personalization, flexibility, and creates convenience and ease in their lives. What’s more, “connected life” has changed consumer behavior and caused a shift in […]

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