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Artificial Intelligence Trends

Past years have seen an overwhelming evolution in both the kinds of artificial intelligence (AI) being developed and the initiatives artificial intelligence was tasked with. There are AI being used specifically to estimate changes in the market and perform algorithmic trading, AI being used to assist in disease detection and prevention, AI being used to […]

Product Management: The Road Between An Idea And A Product

The idea is there. The end goal is clear: process efficiency, increased transparency, digital transformation, or a new product innovation to disrupt the market. But… how do you get there? IT and business leaders often have competing project priorities, limited talent resources and bandwidth, or restricted budget for new projects. Sometimes the next step is just not clear. That’s when product […]

Artifical Intelligence Is Cybersecurity’s New Line Of Defense

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened a world of new potential for human-machine relationships and the future of technology. Not only can AI help fight disease, evaluate potential market changes, and automate the modern-day workplace, it can act as a much-needed defense system against potential digital threats. Taking into consideration the rate at which […]

Growth Through Innovation: A Look Back At 2018

Innovation is at the core of what drives and inspires JDK Technologies. As such, 2018 was a big year for us. We established True Systems, a fundamentally innovative way to develop complex digital solutions for diverse environments. With True Systems JDK reached new milestones of growth in 2018. Our clients saw a measurable impact our solutions had on […]

Getting Smart About Your CX Strategy

Companies are investing $1.5 billion in Internet of Things (IoT) to meaningfully innovate the customer experience, products, and operational processes. Intelligent agents are software programs that perform an array of tasks that a person would otherwise do manually. The technology Internet of Things (IoT) is an intelligent agent. It encompasses internet-enabled devices that intelligently interact with […]

Mining Strategic Value from Big Data

Cloud platforms and SaaS technologies have boosted the adoption of Big Data in business. A recent report from Forbes found that in 2017, 53% of organizations were using Big Data analytics, up from 17% in 2015. That represents a 212% increase over a two-year period! Cloud storage providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud […]

Fighting Disease with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling healthcare professionals to fight disease with unprecedented accuracy and precision. The use of AI to screen, assess risk, and predict disease is proving to advance the effectiveness of diagnosis, treatment, and management of communicable and non-communicable disease alike. It is expanding the arsenal of powerful tools science and medicine has […]

Best Use Cases for Blockchain Technology

I recently attended the 3rd Annual Blockchain Conference in Chicago. Many of the discussions focused on Bitcoin, the well-known digital currency, and 2017’s turbulent initial coin offerings (ICOs). From a JDK perspective, I was interested in learning how early stage and mature companies are leveraging private blockchain implementations. With the rise in popularity of Bitcoin, blockchain, the […]

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