Month: December 2019

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Legacy Systems?

There’s an overwhelming push for companies to become agile and digital-first to compete in today’s hyper connected economy. To do so requires modernizing legacy systems that support the delivery of exceptional services, products, and experiences at scale. A modernization initiative can be costly and time-consuming. Starting with a well-thought out strategy can alleviate some of […]

Multi-lingual mobile apps

To localize a mobile app, developers often run into a common challenge. That is scaling services to meet the language needs of their users. One way they solve for this is architecting their apps into microservices and adding more computing resources. Such was the case for JDK while developing the mobile app for global client […]

6 Ways to Become A Security-First Organization

A security-first strategy is a competitive advantage in business today. Leaders want to create superior and secure digital experiences for their customers. Companies who put security first stand to gain a competitive edge in their market. In this article we’ll explain what a security-first model looks like. And we’ll review how to enable a security-first […]

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