Best App Development Strategy (True Systems) For 2020

In a previous post we described how we partnered with Lions Clubs International to design and develop their mobile app, a digital solution to energize their base and help communities thrive. In this post, we describe how we built Lion’s mobile app with True Systems, the best strategy for developing apps.

What is True Systems? The best app development strategy!

True Systems is our methodology for designing and building simple, innovative and effective technology solutions. We use True Systems across our entire suite of product development services. It is the best strategy for app development.

True Systems is a mindset and practice that espouses:

  • Using innovative technologies to develop applications for scalable performance
  • Being automation-forward
  • Taking a security-first approach to all development stages
  • Leveraging existing systems where possible
  • Employing a Systems Thinking practice to build solutions that seamlessly integrate into any complex technology ecosystem
  • Measuring success and performance against business KPIs
Systems Thinking, a Tool of True Systems

Systems Thinking is a key pillar of True Systems. It enables us to deepen our understanding of a client’s business and the supporting technology infrastructure that powers its operations.

Key features of Systems Thinking are

  • Interconnected elements of a system be that people, process or technologies, their role, and the relationship and dependencies to each other
  • Emergent properties which describe the behavior exhibited when elements interact
  • Analysis of stock (inventory) and flow (process and workflows) relationships
  • Feedback loops – data, analysis, and optimization

To develop the MyLion app for our centennial client, Lions Club International, using True Systems was critical aspect of the entire engagement. From the beginning we used Systems Thinking tools to assess their business and technology ecosystem, and how the mobile app would become a tool supporting a bigger business goal.  We mapped out processes, technologies, and requirements to identify current system element and how they would interact with the new app. Moreover, we identified where the new mobile would impact the ecosystem, identified emergent behaviors and addressed as part of the application’s development lifecycle.

We needed a technology partner with an ability to understand, interpret and flesh out the organization’s vision and build a product, not just a mobile app.

We found that in JDK.Patrick Rodwell, Head of Marketing & Product Innovation, Lions Clubs International

Keeping Things Simple

Businesses are complex. Understanding the intricacies and relationships of the elements within a system empowers JDK to design solutions that are aligned with the overall vision of the company. While designing the MyLion app, we took care to research and survey stakeholders across departments, including members, to understand how the app would impact them. With these insights, JDK contributed to the broader strategy for the digital transformation of the 100-year-old organization and designed the MyLion app that would be simple to use for the older generation and fun to use for the younger members. More importantly, the MyLion app was designed with the input of the entire organization to ensure a positive and meaningful impact on the business as a whole.

During the planning stage, JDK worked closely with the Lions team to research and gain key insights into member engagement trends. Armed with this actionable insight, we were able to fine-tune the organization’s vision and goals, and translate that into the app’s architecture.

Patrick Rodwell, Head of Marketing & Product Innovation, Lions Clubs International

Leading with Innovation

Innovation is at the core of JDK’s strategy for software development. On each project that we work on we use cloud-based solutions that are scalable and cost-effective. We combine those technologies with our proven methodology to start and finish a project in a lean, time-efficient, and resourceful manner.

Measured Results to Guarantee App Performance

Streamlined processes are central to our ability to produce high-quality products. We start by collecting stakeholder input, collectively iterating with them on the vision of the product, and organizing that information into a product roadmap that is based on mission-critical features and features for later release. The result is a lean timeline of development sprints that keeps us on track to develop the product within the predefined time frame, or sooner.

JDK fully embedded themselves. They are onsite taking a deep dive into the processes across marketing, IT, and collecting feedback from business stakeholders. They are part of the team. It’s a rare approach for the value they bring.

Patrick Rodwell, Head of Marketing & Product Innovation, Lions Clubs International
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