Product Management

Agile Product Development

In our last post, we reviewed how Human Centered Design (HCD) applies data and an iterative process to keep your product focused on building the best solutions for your customers’ problems. Today, we’ll discuss how agile product development works hand-in-hand with HCD to establish flexible processes that readily adjust to your company’s changing needs without massive amounts of wasted […]

Web App Development Case Study (Olam International)

Olam Yields Better Efficiency From Docusign With New Web Application Olam International is a global producer and supplier of cotton, cocoa, coffee, edible nuts and spices. With farms, plantations, and processing plants located across the world, Olam serves over 22,000 business and consumer-side customers. Olam’s US division manages the growth and supply of cotton. They negotiate […]

Product Management: The Road Between An Idea And A Product

The idea is there. The end goal is clear: process efficiency, increased transparency, digital transformation, or a new product innovation to disrupt the market. But… how do you get there? IT and business leaders often have competing project priorities, limited talent resources and bandwidth, or restricted budget for new projects. Sometimes the next step is just not clear. That’s when product […]

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