Controlling Devices with our Mind: An Interview with Jon Gear

JDK’s solutions architect, Jon Gear, presented at SXSW 19 earlier in March on controlling drones with our minds. We interviewed him to better understand the technology that makes this possible and to learn how the audience reacted to this emerging technology. Read the interview and leave your comments or questions below. Jon, you recently presented at SXSW 2019. […]

5 Ways Identity Management Helps It Become Efficient And Secure Their Organizations

Implementing new business technologies often leads to a question of access. IT leaders have to evaluate who will use it, for how long, and why, and consider how it will impact security. Not long ago, this scenario created a fair amount of chaos and uncertainty around security for IT. Understandably, IT was reticent about implementing […]

Getting Smart About Your CX Strategy

Companies are investing $1.5 billion in Internet of Things (IoT) to meaningfully innovate the customer experience, products, and operational processes. Intelligent agents are software programs that perform an array of tasks that a person would otherwise do manually. The technology Internet of Things (IoT) is an intelligent agent. It encompasses internet-enabled devices that intelligently interact with […]

Perkins+Will Showcase Plus App At Boxworks 2018

Last week our client, and top architecture and design firm, Perkins+Will spoke at BoxWorks 2018 to present how their mobile app PLUS leverages Box and Okta to give their clients greater project insight. Perkins+Will specializes in research-driven design to create healthy, sustainable places in which to live, learn, work, play, and heal. Organizations across industries seek the firm’s leadership […]

Alexa Makes Business Smart

Amazon recently announced Alexa for Business, bringing voice services to the workplace and enabling companies to easily manage workday tasks at scale. Alexa for Business is a cutting-edge technology with an infinite potential to boost productivity in the workplace. Companies can now enable voice-activated interactions between users and any enterprise system to quickly access all sorts […]

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