Month: March 2019

Controlling Devices with our Mind: An Interview with Jon Gear

JDK’s solutions architect, Jon Gear, presented at SXSW 19 earlier in March on controlling drones with our minds. We interviewed him to better understand the technology that makes this possible and to learn how the audience reacted to this emerging technology. Read the interview and leave your comments or questions below. Jon, you recently presented at SXSW 2019. […]

Agile Product Development

In our last post, we reviewed how Human Centered Design (HCD) applies data and an iterative process to keep your product focused on building the best solutions for your customers’ problems. Today, we’ll discuss how agile product development works hand-in-hand with HCD to establish flexible processes that readily adjust to your company’s changing needs without massive amounts of wasted […]

Human Centered Design

If you’ve ever been on a product team, you’ve probably experienced the all-too-common tug-o-war between various stakeholders who know very different sides of the company and share very different definitions of “success.” Without agreed upon channels for setting priorities, these combative forces breed an erratic atmosphere that often results in disregarded roadmaps, unfinished work, and […]

Which Cloud Configuration is Best for Your Organization?

Around 20 years ago cloud computing revolutionized business. It became a powerhouse tool for dramatically ramping up software efficiency, cutting costs, and enabling record-speed access and data processing. The cloud literally became the single-most powerful differentiator between market leaders and market laggards. But time has shown that the cloud of yesteryear is not the panacea many […]

Tuesday Talk: Fostering Collaborative Learning

How does a company with a near-100% remote workforce foster a culture of learning? We take calculated steps to learn through collaboration, sharing, and cultivation. Tuesday Talk is one of our latest initiatives in our effort to learn collaboratively. During a Tuesday Talk a team member presents their contributions, ideas, and experience to the rest of the group. This creates opportunities […]

5 Ways Identity Management Helps It Become Efficient And Secure Their Organizations

Implementing new business technologies often leads to a question of access. IT leaders have to evaluate who will use it, for how long, and why, and consider how it will impact security. Not long ago, this scenario created a fair amount of chaos and uncertainty around security for IT. Understandably, IT was reticent about implementing […]

Business Intelligence And Machine Learning

Business intelligence (BI), in the simplest terms, is the technology-driven process of analyzing business information and making it actionable. BI helps leaders make informed business decisions. It provides a historical, current and predictive view of operations. While the practice of business intelligence has been around for decades, machine learning is making BI more effective. The […]

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