App Development Case Study (Lions Clubs International) | Microsoft Azure Platform

MyLion App Helps Communities Thrive

Lions Clubs International (LCI) is a global service organization that helps domestic and international communities fight blindness, support youth, and provide disaster relief. With 46,000 clubs and over 1.4 million members across more than 200 countries, Patrick Rodwell, head of marketing and product innovation, knew it was time to leverage digital innovation to energize their base. The innovation initiative kicked off with the MyLion mobile app.

Lion’s Business Goal

Lions Clubs International is a centennial organization. Business leaders wanted a mobile app that could be a modern digital tool that would help members increase service activities within their communities, enable member connections across continents, increase service activities and participation, and deepen members’ awareness of the impact of their service on the world.

The Technology

The MyLion app has an ecosystem of services that run on the Microsoft Azure platform. It is designed for high scalability and performance and integrates with Lions’ on-premise legacy systems for seamless data transfer between the environments.

MyLion App In Action

JDK developed the MyLion app in a span of 6 months, completing the project ahead of time and under budget. With a user-first approach and keeping the Lions Clubs goals front and center, we built features to enable members to grow their networks across continents, help them increase awareness of service activities, attract new members, and drive participation in local service events. Finally, recognizing the span of generations of its members, we designed the app with features and functionality that appealed to all age groups.

MyLion Helps People Serve

The MyLion app enables members to easily create, organize, and promote a service activity through their mobile device. Members can also discover service projects anywhere around the world to join while traveling. Driven by their passion to serve the community, members found this feature practical and exciting.

MyLion Is Fun and Easy

Keeping the needs of older and younger generations in mind, we designed the MyLion app to be intuitive to set up, and fast and easy to learn and navigate. We built in ways for members to share their community impact and influence to their social networks, engage in real-time collaboration, capture their service activities through photos, and earn badges for their hard work.

MyLion Is Multi-lingual

With clubs and members located in over 200 countries, localizing the MyLion app was a critical component of this project. The app has language support in 12 languages.

Transforming A 100 Year-old Organization

Recently Lions Clubs International celebrated its centennial birthday and launched the MyLion app at the milestone event. It was thrilling to see a rapid spike in the number of app installs and how quickly each user was up and running with their first service activity.

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