Tuesday Talk: Fostering Collaborative Learning

How does a company with a near-100% remote workforce foster a culture of learning? We take calculated steps to learn through collaboration, sharing, and cultivation. Tuesday Talk is one of our latest initiatives in our effort to learn collaboratively. During a Tuesday Talk a team member presents their contributions, ideas, and experience to the rest of the group. This creates opportunities to share knowledge, build relationships, and increase the overall expertise of the team.

As we take a closer look at relationships, sharing, and cultivation, we see how Tuesday Talks are an integral part of collaborative learning at JDK. More importantly, we understand how they are the pillars of our and our clients’ success.


Relationships are as much about connecting people as they are about connecting people to tools, knowledge systems, content, methodologies, new ideas, and new ways of thinking and doing. These relationships are critical to build individual skills that help each of us do our job better.

During our Tuesday Talk, an individual explains their unique ideas and knowledge around their specific role and contribution to the company.


Exchanging ideas and sharing our knowledge and expertise with the JDK community results in the best learning. Each individual has ideas, skills or experiences that can be utilized in way new or different ways. Sharing is an organic way of discovering the potential that exists within our community.

At our Tuesday Talk, the entire JDK community is learning new things about design, engineering, product management, and more, and understanding how different points of view on those practices give the company an edge.


Engaging with content, providing feedback on ideas, or participating in conversations cultivate innovation. Varying points of view help us discover new possibilities for higher performance.

Without this engagement, even the best ideas can’t reach their full potential.

The Best JDK For Clients

Tuesday Talks are the latest initiative to help us bring the best of JDK to clients. It help us learn through sharing and collaboration, while growing our knowledge systems, and improving the overall expertise of the team.

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