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Our workforce solutions

We go the extra mile to help companies find the right team with the right skills, right from the start.

Review Requirements

Review the technical and project requirements requested by the client.

Recruit & Screen

Recruit candidates and screen resumes based on the specific requirements of the client.

Define Interview Criteria

We collaborate with the client to define interview criteria.

Vet Candidates

JDK conducts the first interview to vet the candidate before introducing them to the client.

Performance Tracking

JDK is accountable for the candidate’s performance.

Status Updates

We provide weekly status reports of work done for the client.

Technical Support

Candidates have full tech support and guidance from JDK’s team of architects, engineers, product managers, designers, and more.

Knowledge Resources

Candidates have access to knowledge systems, tools, and other critical resources that help them improve overall expertise and skills for their project.

Who is it for?

JDK's Workforce Solutions are for IT managers that need to extend the capacity of their workforce and are looking for engineers and developers with the technical skills and experience complex IT projects.

the technical Innovation, skills & expertise your Industry Demands

Hire one or an entire team of engineers and developers with the industry knowledge and technical skills that meet the complex requirements of your projects. Our workforce solutions consists of product managers, strategists, architects, engineers, and QA specialists skilled with these capabilities.

Web and mobile app development

Skilled in innovative technologies to build scalable, secure, & high-performing apps that advance business.

Artificial intelligence / machine learning

We help automate time-consuming tasks and make your processes smarter and efficient with AI/ML-powered applications.


We can turn any object into a new stream of data to help you capture new insights about user experiences and operational efficiencies.

custom applications

Technology solutions work best when they're exclusively built to perform in your unique and diverse environment.

ecommerce solutions

Experience with numerous payment technologies, including blockchain, to turn channels into payment gateways that increase transactions.

data analytics & business intelligence

Our teams help you get more out of your data, and apply or discover rich insights that open new views of your business intelligence.

Privacy & security

Experience in building and implementing technologies that increase security and privacy without sacrificing scalability, performance, efficiency, or agility.

document & content mgmt systems

Skilled in optimizing document approval processes and centralizing content systems for improved access and transparency.

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