We’re signed on to help you execute agreements faster with DocuSign

DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud modernizes all stages of the agreement lifecycle. With DocuSign industries can prepare, act on, and manage agreements in digital format to move business forward faster.

Integrates with CRMs and productivity tools to quickly generate agreements.

Easily fulfill agreement terms with e-signatures that are legally valid.

DocuSign agreements can trigger a set of processes based on the terms of the agreement.

DocuSign manages and tracks completed agreements for review, reporting and analysis.

Modern Agreement Processes
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Find out how JDK can help you execute agreements faster with DocuSign

Why JDK?

As a certified partner of DocuSign, JDK builds technology solutions integrated with DocuSign to help companies execute agreements faster. Olam, an international producer of cotton and coffee, worked with JDK to build a web application integrated with DocuSign to optimize the execution of crop agreements with various parties.