How are things in your part of the IT world? Need a respite? Inspiration? Or some relatable content to help make part of the job a bit more manageable? Well here it is!

Hello World is a monthly technology adventure journal covering a range of topics that matter and make a difference to IT decision makers.

We work with IT and understand the challenges that come with keeping things going. Our goal is for Hello World to help you generate ideas on how to improve your IT practice, share some lighthearted (and relatable) stories from the IT frontlines, and hopefully inspire through innovation and ideas.

Hello World will cover:

  • A feature article or two around technology topics that impact IT decision makers, their teams and organizations.
  • The Bug Report: covering IT “gotchas” to watch out for
  • A fun section, because we all need a laugh
  • Related blog reading
  • Occasional news about JDK Technologies
  • and more!

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