The JDK Approach: Developing the MyLion App

In a previous post, we described how Lions Clubs International partnered with JDK Technologies to design a digital solution that would energize their base and help their communities thrive. In this post, we explain JDK’s approach in designing the MyLion app to help with our client’s effort.

True Systems: Our Method for Building Simple, Innovative, and Effective Solutions

JDK uses its own methodology called True Systems TM to develop software solutions. Using a Systems Thinking approach we take care to understand the business as a system made up of interconnected parts that impact each other in various ways. These interactions and interdependencies create unexpected behaviors within the system, and during the planning and design phase of a project, JDK captures these behaviors and manages them as part of the product development lifecycle. True Systems gives us important business insights that we feed into our agile development method to produce solutions that are simple, innovative, effective, in a quick and cost-effective way without sacrificing quality.

“Lions Clubs International needed a product development partner with an ability to understand, interpret and flesh out the organization’s vision and build a product, not just a mobile app. We found that in JDK.”

Patrick Rodwell, Head of Marketing and Product Innovation, Lions Clubs International

Keeping Things Simple

Businesses are complex. Understanding the intricacies and relationships of the elements within a system empowers JDK to design solutions that are aligned with the overall vision of the company. While designing the MyLion app, we took care to research and survey stakeholders across departments, including members, to understand how the app would impact them. With these insights, JDK contributed to the broader strategy for the digital transformation of the 100-year-old organization and designed the MyLion app that would be simple to use for the older generation and fun to use for the younger members. More importantly, the MyLion app was designed with the input of the entire organization to ensure a positive and meaningful impact on the business as a whole.

“During the pre-development stage, JDK worked closely with the Lions team to research and gain key insights into member engagement trends. Armed with this actionable data, we were able to fine-tune the organization’s vision and goals, and translate that into the app’s architecture.”

Patrick Rodwell, Head of Marketing and Product Innovation, Lions Clubs International

Leading with Innovation

Innovation is at the core of JDK’s strategy for software development. On each project that we work on we use cloud-based solutions that are scalable and cost-effective. We combine those technologies with our proven methodology to start and finish a project in a lean, time-efficient, and resourceful manner.

Being Results-Oriented

Streamlined processes are central to our ability to produce high-quality products. We start by collecting stakeholder input, collectively iterating with them on the vision of the product, and organizing that information into a product roadmap that is based on mission-critical features and features for later release. The result is a lean timeline of development sprints that keeps us on track to develop the product within the predefined time frame, or sooner.

“JDK fully embedded themselves. They’re onsite taking a deep dive into the processes across marketing, IT, and collecting feedback from our business stakeholders. They are part of the team. It’s a rare approach for the value they bring.”

Patrick Rodwell, Head of Marketing and Product Innovation, Lions Clubs International

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